Nutrisana is the result of my lifelong quest for the best nutritional supplements this beautiful planet has to offer.  As a former Television reporter for Univision and Telemundo, I traveled the world during 20 years reporting on the news but also researching the best foods, herbs, and plants of every country I visited. Finding the perfect nutritional supplement became a matter of survival after me and my wife left our jobs to take a yearlong trip thru Africa and parts of the Middle East.

A few months into our journey, we felt sluggish and were getting sick frequently.  Often times, it was the stomach, a cold or flu.  We attributed our lack of energy and low defenses to the poor diet we were eating.  Even thought I had been a very successful television reporter, we were traveling like starving students.  We wanted to travel like the locals, eat like the locals, and make sure that our savings lasted a whole year and more.

By the time we reached Malawi, I had lost about 15 pounds and my wife 22 pounds. We met an American peace corp volunteer, who probably felt bad for the sorry shape we were in, he told us about a wonderful tree called Moringa.  It sounded too good to be true.   It was very nutritious, it would boost our immune system, give us energy, it was cheap, and completely natural with no side effects.  He failed to tell me that if I was weak and ate too much of it, the leaves of the tree were so powerful that they will cleanse my body and detoxify me (in other words, I got massive diarrhea from taking too much of it- too soon) After I told one of the locals about my experience with Moringa, I learned that I need it to start with a very small quantity, half a tablespoon a day and work my way to one tablespoon, not two tablespoons like I had ingested in my desperate attempt to get more energy and start gaining weight.   After we adjusted our doses, we began to see the results, more energy, and said good-bye to colds, flu, and even stomach problems.

It has been 4 years and we still take it daily.  We now give it to our kids; a rambunctious 2 year old, and a one year old who does not like food.  Thanks to the fact that we put Moringa in small quantities in everything he eats, we have been able to keep him healthy in spite of his lack of appetite.

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While we were in Africa, we had no problem getting good quality Moringa at local markets but back in the USA our only option was ordering the powder online.  We found out the hard way that not all Moringa is created equal.  Some companies freeze dry the leaves killing some of the nutrients, others mix the stem with the leaves, and others mix God knows what with the powder because it does not taste or smell like Moringa.  As a result of the inconsistencies of the Moringa being offered here and the rise of unscrupulous companies, we decided to create our own company to make sure that people get the best Moringa possible at the best price.  Our ultimate goal is to help people live longer and healthier in a way that is more sustainable for the planet.

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