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Add Moringa to Your Daily Routine


Your Favorite Drink moringa-smoothie

Moringa can be added to any shakes, smoothies or juices, just keep in mind that it will make them Green and give a Little bit of an herbal taste to it. Add one tablespoon to your favorite drink, even an 8oz. glass of water. You could also begin taking ½ tbsp. in the morning and ½ tbsp. in the evening if the taste is too strong.

Guacamole Moringa guacamole

Use your favorite Guacamole recipe and add one tablespoon of moringa for each 4 avocados. Mix it with the avocados and all ingredients.

Moringa Salad & Breakfast Meals


Sprinkle one tablespoon of Moringa on top of your favorite salad.

You can also add one tablespoon of Moringa to your favorite Cereal, Yogurt or Granola, just keep in mind that they will turn Green and taste slightly different but you could always add a Little honey.

We prefer that you eat your Moringa powder raw but you could always make tea with the powder or put it in any cooked soups or stews.